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Radiator power flushing
Power flush pipe

Power Flushing

We offer a full powerflushing service. Now, if you have never heard of this term before, you may be wondering what it is and why you might need it, so let us explain a little more about the process.

Essentially, powerflushing is what the name suggests: flushing out your central heating system under high pressure to get rid of the nasty stuff – sludge, rust, and anything else that may be clogging up your heating system and making it run less efficiently.

After having your system powerflushed, you should see a marked improvement in performance, and as we all know, better performance will save you a money in the longer term.

What are the signs that your system may need powerflushing?

Reduction in hot water temperature over time the boiler overheats or completely shuts off the boiler or components such as pumps start to become noisy Individual radiators stop working or have large hot spots – perhaps only the top half warms up takes longer and longer for your radiators to warm up.

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We are experienced gas heating engineers with extensive knowledge of various central heating systems and boilers.

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We operate throughout Caerphilly, Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

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